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Byzantine Related Links
(We are always looking for new and useful links.  Please email us with useful links, link changes and dead links.)



Byzantine Studies Page - Probably the best and most comprehensive Byzantine related site on the web. If you have the time and want to know anything related to the Byzantine Empire then this should be a definite stop.
Byzantine Studies Conferece - Byzantine Studies Conference courtesy of the University of Southern Carolina.
Information page about the Eastern Roman Empire - Partially complete and very slow to load since it is on GeoCities overcapacity servers.
  Note: There does not seem to have been an update of this site since early 1999.
Ohio State University - Information on the Byzantine Empire in respect to its relation with a related calss at the school. Compiled by Timothy E. Gregory.
University of Michigan - Overview of The University of Michigans collections epeditions.
Dumbarton Oaks - Research Library and Collections in Byzantine studies.
Stucture of the Byzantine Empire - Deals with many of the political outgrowths that came about after the birth of the Latin Empire.
The Romaioi Site - This site has continued to grow for quite some time. Great place to find information in a easy to use setting.



New Advent Catholic Supersite - Ecclesiastical history of Byzantine Empire. Large one page site.
Christianity and the Byzantine Empire - Study of the workings of Christianity in the Byzantine Empire.


Evansville Chronology of Ancient History - Very comprehensive chronology of all history.
WebChron - The deptarment of history at North Park Universtyhas put together this partially hyperlinked timeline of the Byzantine period.
Timeline - Large graphical timeline of the Byzantine Empire. Very pleasing to look at
Note: Bandwith warning. Very large image on opening screen.


Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture - Art and Architecture of the Byzantine Empire. Divided into three periods. About a dozen graphics available for viewing.
The Catholic Encyclopedia - Art page with a distinct religous tone.
Hagia Sophia - Details and pictures on the restoration of Hagia Sophia
Pec - Art and Architecture of the Patriarchate of Pec.


Roman Army - Discussion of all types of Roman military apparatuses.
Rome - Really neat site which discusses the Roman military structure in a fair amount of detail in a chronological format.



Women in Byzantium - Bibliography of sources on Women in Byzantium.

Political Setup

The Organizational Setup - Page dealing with the Themas



History of Istanbul - History of Istanbul ,Constantinople, in a chronological form.
Albania - History of the Byzantine Empire in Illyria and Albania.
- The Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey.
Anatolia - History of Anatolia from Ancient Times to Modern including a nice overview of the Byzantine period.
Aphrodisias - Overview of this ancient city in South Western Asia Minor.
Italy Studies - Byzantines in Renaissance Italy. Study of Byzantines in Italy in late antiquity

Constantinople - French and English language page telling the tale of Constaninople. Warning! This page is absolutely awful in an artistic sense. Put on sunglasses. This site is also very political in its content.

Constantinope - Site with many good links and fine overview of Constantinople.



Theodora: From Serf to Sovereign-Description and history of the Empress Theodora. New site with a lot of new information expected.
Roman Rulers List - List of Roman rulers of all periods. 
Note:  I can get to this site but it doesn't seem to be functioning correctly.
Eastern Roman Emperors - Directory of Royal Genealogical Data on Eastern Roman Empreros.
Hyperlinked List - List of many Roman rulers from Augustus to Constantine XIII.
Trebizond Emperors - Directory of Royal Genealogical Data on Trebizond Emperors.


Byzantine Coins Page - Very user friendly.

Byzantine Related References

Byzantine Literature - Byzantine Related references from the online Catholic Encyclopedia.
Directory of Ancient Historians in the United States - Directory of ancient historians in the United States, second edition, compiled by Konrad H. Kinzl, Claremont CA: Regina Books.


Rated Links Database - This is the outcome of a student who databased, categorized and rated what he considered all relevant Byzantine material. The author of the database seems to have had a moderately low opinion of this site but even so his work is interesting and worth a look.

Excellant list of Byzantine Related books
INCLUDING many out of print titles.

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