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Server Move!  
With the server move will come the long....long delayed updates I have been promising for 2 years.  Look for it by late October 2004.  


This site is dedicated to the study of the Byzantine Empire, or later Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire or the Greek Empire. What you call this ancient political entity really isn't the point. The point is that the history and culture are rich and vibrant and deserve further study and attention. This is what we are trying to accomplish here.

I know it has been quite some time since the last update and I apologize.  There have been a lot of things going on and I have unfortunately been neglecting updates.  This is about to change.  Look for several major updates over the next few months.  The art category will have more images added. The coins category is set to get more images soon.  The maps are scheduled to be updated in the near future. The annotated Emperor list is on hold but the list is available.  The message board has been discontinued due to the provider we were using moving from a free to fee model.  If any of you know of a stable and clean alternative please let me know.  The first thing that we will be doing is overhauling and updating the links area as this is the part of the site which is most often utilized.  We have already deleted all the dead links and added a few new ones (November 2001).  As you know user sites, especially educational sites, go dead all the time so we are bound to miss a few.  If you find a dead link just let us know.  Look for more links soon.

We would love to have more input from all of you. We would be delighted if some of you chose to  submit papers to be posted on the site. If the papers are well written and contain pertinent content they will be posted. You can feel free to e-mail your papers for submission using either RTF or doc format. Images and other information is always welcome.  If you submit papers or other information all possible attempt will be made to post them in their entirety with proper acknowledgement.*

We are still promoting the link as a method of defraying costs. If you wish to support ByzNet by buying your books through our links we would greatly appreciate it and if you don't that is fine also. This site is here for you.

If you have suggestions or comments please feel free to pass them on. Your comments are how we decide what to add and what to put on the back burner.  Many people email us with requests for information and they want it quickly for research or homework.  If this is your desire you may wish to go to the links page and look for another site generic viagra from india.  This is a one man show and I can't always research and answer questions in a timely fashion or for that matter at all.  I am sorry here.  

This spring marks our 7 year anniversary.  Pretty good for a obscure internet site whic waxes and wanes in its popularity and importance.  

Thank you for your visit. As often as we can  we are adding new content so stop back often.


*By submitting your paper to ByzNet you grant ByzNet reasonable rights to use the paper in whole or part on its internet site and intellectual properties with proper acknowledgement.