Thoughtless Award of Shame

Each week or so I will pass out the “Thoughtless Award of Shame”. The award should be one given out for especially infamous behavior or rank stupidity. Luckily for all of us this should be an easy award to hand out. There is rarely a shortage of either stupidity or bad behavior. In order to win the award one does not have to be blogged about. Also in special circumstances multiple individuals and or groups may be nominated. If you think some one should be nominated please post as a comment.

Award Week Ending November  8, 2008 - The New York Times for throwing this needless red meat into the mix after a very contentious election.  Granted the New York Times has no love loss for George Bush, Dick Cheney or any other conservative for that matter.  Now is not the time to further divide.  The election is over and we have a president elect.  Lets rally for the future not antogonize each other further.  The Wall Street Journal has a different view.  Also this is a two way street.  The same stories were written when Bill Clinton left office.  Lets leave the red meat alone for a few months please people.

Award Week Ending March 26, 2008EU Bureaucrats: For instigating rules that necessitate passengers get off the bus every thirty miles so that the sign can be changed and driver can meet maximum driving requirements.  Got to love big government.

Award Week Ending March 22, 2008 - Doctors at Hochfranken, Bavaria: For giving a woman an anus when she came in for a leg operation.  I have heard of more tragic medical mistakes but never one quite as likely to make you spew your coffee all over your computer screen.

Award Week Ending March 7, 2008 - Don Trella (Boxing Judge): For his scandalous score of 96-94 in the Jason LeHoullier versus Jose Luis Gonzalez match-up on March 7, 2008.