Arthur C. Clarke

I am really to busy to post today but I could not let this news pass without commenting. One of the great authors of the last century passed away today. Arthur C. Clarke passed away today.

Arthur C. Clarke was the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and over 100 other novels.

Dead at the age 0f 90.

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  1. Edgar G. Wallace Says:

    I don’t have much comment about Arthur clarke, except that it’s always sad when some one has passed on. I never cared overmuch for his writings, being more interested in Isaac Asimov, Stanley G. Weinbaum, and others of that era.

    My eye was caught just now by that aphorism attributed to Asimov which said (paraphrasing) “if thought causes problems, they won’t be solved through ignorance”.

    I was very struck by an Asimov intro to one of the SF magazines sometime in the 1970’s i think. he gave a very thorough run-down on the liklihood of there beeing life on other planets with SPECIAL attention given to the phenomenon of “flying saucers’. I think that the latter were the main thrust to his article which he worked out mathematically.

    HAVE the magazine somewhere and can never find it. It may have been destroyed in a move. Has anyone ever read this article??

  2. Thinker Says:

    I agree. Clarke was never my favorite. I far more enjoyed Asimov. Asimov’s Foundation series was absolutely brilliant in my humble opinion. I am not aware of the specific quote you mention but it sounds like something Asimov would have said. Asimov was always in general awe of the Universe as an entity of itself (not implying consciousness) while denying the possibility of an almighty.

    Anyway Asimov was definitely one of the top two or three Science Fiction Authors from the last century. The only one who supersedes him on impact on the fan base would be Robert Heinlein. I don’t think he has any other serious competition.

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