I never intended to post personal things on this blog.  Rather I intended to comment on those news stories or events that interested me and that I felt I wanted to share my perspective on.  Well I guess that changes here.  I am really stressed and full of tension lately.  Between changes moving back home, job changes, home upkeep, kid stresses, medical issues (family) and a host of un-named issues I feel like bursting.

I saw this yesterday and think it might be a perfect stress reliever.

Tension Toy, Pop, Pop, Pop!

What relieves stress more then popping packing bubbles?  This digital replacement sounds like a blast.  Leave it to our good friends in Japan to come up with something like this.  I may consider getting one of these.  I can’t see that they are imported in the USA yet but Ebay has them online available.  They are a bit pricey on Ebay though.

Either way a fascinating stress reliever/toy.

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