Waste of Humanity - Not Kidding!

Grandmother, Son, Granddaughter plus seven other family members living on the dole and proud of it.

A friend of mine forwarded this to me. I read this several times and then researched to make sure this wasn’t a hoax. I cannot believe this is true. I can’t fathom that there are human beings that are this useless.

This is exactly the kind of excess that conservatives point to when referencing how social welfare is harmful rather then compassionate. Three generations and nearly the entire family lives off the public dole. None of the family members feels guilty. Most of the family seems to feel that they are not only entitled to the public hand outs but seem they deserve to have more.

Granted this is Great Britain but it struck me that the Grandmother claimed she was entitled to be happy. I disagree. As our founding fathers wisely made clear we are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness not happiness itself. That is for us to yearn for, cry for, bleed for and make for ourselves.

I have compassion. I hurt for those in need. This is not need. This is selfish greed and is a disservice to all of humanity.

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