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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

This is beyond words.  A teacher in Florida had her class vote on whether a five year old boy with autism should remain in the class or not.  The boy was voted out by a 14 to 2 margin.  The teacher then had the class describe what they did not like about the boy and they came up with terms such as disgusting.

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The boy spent the rest of the day in the nurses office and the parents were not even notified until  the mother came to pick up the child.  Understandably the child is disturbed about the incident and the mother has not had him return to class.

his teacher should be ashamed and no longer a teacher.  The district will not comment yet even though the facts of the incident are not being disputed.  Shame…shame…shame.

This type of behavior is not acceptable and no one should put up with this.  The teachers name is  Wendy Portillo of Morningside Elementery School in Port St. Lucie Florida.

Here is the link to school district.  Every parent should be outraged by this type of asinine behavior.  There is also an online petition that I have found to protest the actions here.  If you wish to contact the school directly the following link summarizes the events and gives great contact information here.

Nature can be amazing and brutal!

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Just a quick note.  I had to post this incredible photo.  Take a look at the linked photo.  A 12 foot python swallowed a 6 foot alligator.  The alligator apparently scratched the belly of the python from the inside rupturing its stomach.  What a trip!

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